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KK Women's and Children's Hospital, 100 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 229899

Sponsored Dinner Symposium

by Volpara Solutions

19 July, 1830hrs

Venue Oasia Hotel Novena, Basement 1, Courtyard 1

1. Personalising Breast Screening using Artificial Intelligence

Mary Rickard

Consultant Radiologist , Sydney Breast Clinic

2. Finding Signal in the Noise – Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Health

Gabe Rijpma

Senior Director – Health and Social Services, Microsoft Asia


Sponsored Tea Symposium

by Genomic Health

20 July, 1050hrs

Venue KKH Auditorium


TAILORx – Identifying the Right Patients for the Right Treatment

Dr Christy Russell, MD

Senior Director US Medical Affairs, Genomic Health Inc

Tumour genomic analysis has made a substantial contribution to the treatment of breast cancers. The traditional clinical parameters such as tumor size and grade are regarded as prognostic but not predictive. The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test from Genomic Health Inc. in particular, has demonstrated its ability in guiding treatment decisions after breast surgery for hormone-receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer patients.
Dr Christy Russell will talk about the science of genomic testing in early breast cancers with the latest research data in the TAILORx trial.

Sponsored Lunch Symposium

by Novartis

20 July, 1310hrs

Venue KKH Auditorium


Evolving Combination Strategies in Management of HR+ve, HER2-ve Advanced Breast Cancer 

Dr See Hui Ti 

Medical Oncologist Consultant, Parkway Cancer Centre, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.

The lunch symposium will focus on recent updates on HR+ HER2- advanced breast cancer treatment landscape, highlighting new data on the young breast cancer patients (MONALEESA-7 overall survival data).  In addition, there will be extensive discussion on breast cancer specific mutations- the PIK3CA mutation:  from its molecule conception, clinical trial results (SOLAR-1) and its role in breast cancer clinical landscape.

Sponsored Tea Symposium

by Roche

20 July, 1525hrs

Venue KKH Auditorium

Breast Conservation after Neoadjuvant Therapy – the Hong Kong Experience

Prof Ava Kwong

Chief of Division of Breast Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Tung Wah Hospital and The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital




A host of sponsorship opportunities await companies/organisations. An exhibition will be organised in conjunction with the meeting and the exhibition area will be strategically located in the KKH Training Centre. Should your company be interested in participating in the Breast Day Meeting 2019 as sponsors or exhibitors, please feel free to send in your enquiries to the Secretariat at